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Redhills Show 14th and 15th of August

Leinster Dressage are holding a show on Saturday afternoon the 14th of August for Trailblazers and for Unregistered Under 18 combinations. This show is being held to encourage our potential younger members to ride a dressage test in an encouraging friendly show specifically held for them. Entries are through itsplainsailing. Any queries can be sent to our email address. The tests are listed under our Schedule section of our website.

Leinster Dressage are hosting their Spring/Summer League final in Redhills Stud , Kildare on Sunday 15th of August. Entries are now open for this show. Please let us know if there are any additional tests needed.


Traditional Irish Horse Award

In conjunction with the Summer League, LD are delighted to announce the establishment of an award for the highest placed Traditional Irish Horse to include TIH, Irish Draught or Connemara Pony for the classes Preliminary to Grand Prix. This award will be calculated similarly to our league.(please see details on league in separate post)

The award points will be calculated on a percentage basis for the registered combinations grade at each level. The award result is based on the sum total of the Four highest percentages achieved during the league for each horse/rider combination, with one result per show to count.

An extra 5% will be awarded to those who attend 5 shows or more

Both horse and rider are required to be registered with Dressage Ireland to be eligible for the award.

The same combination needs to compete in four Leinster Dressage Shows and the final to be eligible for the award.

The highest score in a grade at each show will be counted towards the award.

The following dates of the shows that will count towards the TIH award

  • 25th of April Redhills,
  • 16th of May Redhills,
  • 30th of May Redhills ,
  • 6th-7th of June National Sports Arena,( only one score will be counted)
  • 27th of June Redhills,
  • 11th of July Emerald,
  • 25th of July National Sports Arena,
  • 8th of August Redhills
  • All breeding will be clarified with the necessary studbooks and by a copy of the horses passport prior to competing in final . Breeding must be recorded.


Leinster Dressage Region Summer League 2021

Please find the details for the 2021 Summer League for the Leinster Dressage Region. This league is open to All Dressage Ireland Members on registered horses .

The following are the dates of the shows that will count towards the LD Summer League 2021

25th of April Redhills

16th of May Redhills

30th of May Redhills

5th -7th of June National Sports Arena

27th of June Redhills

11th of July Emerald

25th of July National Sports Arena

8th of August Redhills - the final

The following are the sections for the league

Mini Trailblazer, Under 12 , Junior Trailblazer, Senior Trailblazer, Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advance Medium and above

To qualify for points and prizes for the Summer league combinations must compete in a minimum of 4 shows plus the final. Trailblazers must compete in a minimum of 3 shows plue the final .

Junior and Senior trailblazer league if the same combination ride both a preliminary and a novice TB , the highest score from either will count towards the league

Preliminary, Novice and Elementary leagues will be divided into Categories for the league providing we have sufficient numbers within the categories

The committee reserves the right to alter the league

League Points explanation

League points are calculated on a percentage basis for a combinations grade at each show. The combinations best score in your grade per show will be used. The league result is based in the sum total of the Four highest percentages achieved during the league for each horse/rider combination, with one result per show to count. Percentages will be used in the standard format, e.g. 65.52%

An extra 5% will be awarded to those who attend 5 shows or more.

(For example Joan Murphy riding Super Star who achieves a 71.68% and 69.12% in 2 different preliminary tests at the first show will be awarded 71.68 points in the league. If Joan Murphy also competes Super Star in 2 Novice tests and scores 64.25% and 68.05% then the 68.05 becomes her league points for the novice league).


Don’t fear to Volunteer

When we sign up to join Leinster Dressage (or any region of Dressage Ireland), one of the criteria is that wee volunteer to help at regional or national shows.

For those of us who volunteer regularly or who have organised and run shows, this is second nature to us and the roles are familiar but for anyone who has not done it before it may be something that they worry about doing as they do not know what to do or they do not know what role would best suit them. This piece is designed to help anyone who wants to volunteer but isn’t sure what is required or what would best suit them. The key roles are summarised below.

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about how shows are run, what goes on behind the scenes, how higher level riders warm up and how judges score competitors.

Key Roles

Call up

Key skills- good time keeping, a loud clear voice, confidence in speaking to new people. Benefits - meeting new people, observing the warm up routine of horses and riders.

The volunteer in the warm up arena has a list of competitors and their times. they tick off riders as they enter the warm up and keep the riders updated as to how many riders/minutes there are before their test. The warm up volunteer lets organisers know of any no shows and makes sure that there are not too many people in the warm up and that competitors are riding in a safe manner in line with the rules. All paperwork is pre-prepared and supplied for you as is tea/coffee and snacks from the organisers. Having a clear voice and a friendly approach is an asset to this role.

Judge’s Scribe

Key skills - legible handwriting, good organisational skills, good verbal communication, good listening skills. Benefits - Understanding what score the judges award and why, learning the importance of the FEI training scale in dressage judging, understanding the marks and comments awarded by judges, observing the test from the judges’s point of view, developing your eye for the horses way of going.

Scribing is an excellent job for anyone who enjoys watching dressage and learning more about riding dressage and how competition tests are scored. Scribes will sit in their own car in the passenger side , parked beside the judge who sits in the drivers seat so that a safe distance is maintained but each can still hear each other. The organising committee will provide lists of competitors and their times, copies of all tests and any necessary stationary.

The role of the scribe is to write down on the test sheets the scores and comments awarded by the judge for each competitor on each movement of the tests. The judge will then take the sheet and add the collective scores and final comments. The scribe or judge will pass the sheets to the sheet collector. if you have never done scribing before, starting with the lower test levels where the test is shorter and the movements come up at a less rapid pace will help to build confidence.

Sheet Collecting

Key skills - being mobile enough to move around the venue. Benefits - a great way to get those extra steps in!

Sheet collecting is exactly what it says on the tin. The sheet collector approaches the judge’s car ( from the side/behind so as not to impede their view of a rider and between tests so as not to interrupt) collects all completed sheets which they return to the scorer.


Key skills - a mind for figures, quick ability with numbers, experience with spreadsheets is an advantage. Benefits - scoring is an inside job and very quiet and peaceful so it is well suited to someone good with numbers that likes to work in concentration.

Sheets are supplied by the sheet collectors for inputting into the scoring system and calculation of results which are produced onsite and published on line.

Tea/Coffee runner

Key skills - a friendly manner, enough mobility to move around the venue. Benefits - this is a quick and easy role that allows you to get in extra steps while interacting with others.

The tea/coffee runner approaches the judge’s car while no tests are ongoing and takes not of any drinks and snacks the judge and scribe would like, gets the order from the onsite catering and delivers to the judge and scribe. this is always a well thanked job - who doesn’t love thee bringer of snacks?

Organiser’s assistant

Key skills - adaptability and people skills. Benefits - great way to get to know people and to try a variety of roles.

Every show will have a chief organiser who will be glad of an extra pair of hands! they may need assistance with tasks such as distributing judges and scribes packs , to putting out sheets and results to making sure competitors park in the right place.


You do need to be a Leinster Dressage member to volunteer to help at a show.

How to volunteer

The show schedule is held online. if there is a show that would suit you to volunteer, get in touch with the region a few weeks before the show to offer your assistance.

Lorna O’Hare - Leinster Dressage Committee

Dressage Tests

Dressage Tests

Copies of British Dressage tests may be purchased from the Dressage Ireland administration assistant (stocks allowing) or direct from British Dressage, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2RJ.

Sets of tests can be ordered by writing to the Dressage Ireland administration assistant.

Individual tests can also be ordered and obtained immediately online from

Please Note: information about test changes from British Dressage.

Please note that British Dressage Ltd. tests are protected by copyright. Photocopying is not permitted. Legal action will be taken against offenders by British Dressage Ltd.