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2017/18 Leinster Region Leagues

The league format for has been updated for this year. Leinster Dressage will run two separate leagues, one over winter and one for Summer. The leagues are open to ALL Dressage Ireland Members on registered horses.

The Winter league will run from 11 November 2017 to 15 April 2018 for the following grades

  • Trailblazer Junior
  • Trailblazer Senior
  • Preliminary
  • Novice
  • Elementary
  • Medium
  • Advanced Medium and above

To qualify for points and prizes for the winter league combinations must compete in a minimum of 3 shows plus the FINAL

League points will now be calculated on a percentage basis for your grade at each show. Your best score in your grade per show will be used. The league result is based on the sum total of the three highest percentages achieved during the league for each horse/rider combination, with one result per show to count. Percentages will be used in the standard format, e.g. 65.52%

An extra 5% will be awarded to those who attend 4 shows or more.

(For example Joan Murphy riding Super Star who achieves a 71.68% and 69.12% in 2 different preliminary tests at the first show will be awarded 71.68 points in the league. If Joan Murphy also competes Super Star in 2 Novice tests and scores 64.25% and 68.05% then the 68.05 becomes her league points for the novice league).

2017/18 Leinster Region Members League

This internal league will be awarded by grade and category. The points will be calculated on the combinations top 5 scores over the Winter and Summer Leagues.

The League Table will run for:

- Trailblazer Junior

- Trailblazer Senior

- Preliminary

- Novice

- Elementary

- Medium

- Advanced Medium and Above

Notes & Rules:

-Score Calculations: Only one score per grade per show shall be counted. The highest score per grade will be used to calculate the final league points.

-TIES: Where there is a tie on scores, the winner will be selected on the number of classes won, after this the winner will be selected on highest level of placings, after this the winner will be selected on the highest collective marks for those tests.

-Leinster Dressage reserve the right to combine Categories and have only one league winner per grade.

-Leinster Dressage reserve the right to cancel prize classes where insufficient numbers have entered.

-Points WILL NOT be retrospectively included for leagues if you are not registered on the Dressage Ireland database at the time of close of entries.

-Points MAY NOT be carried over from grade to grade or from horse to horse or rider to rider.

-Leinster Dressage Committee have the final decision on all aspects of the league.

-Queries should be sent to leinsterdressage@gmail.com

Example for Winter League:

Mary Murphy

Super Star

Show Date 1 scores 62.75 and 60.60

Show Date 2 scores 52.5 and 62.50

Show Date 3 scores 55.5 and 65.5

Show Date 4 scores 65.5 and 66.6

Final Show scores 60.5 and 61.5

The Scores from Show date 3 (65.5), show date 4 (66.6) and show date 1 (62.75) shall be used to calculate Mary’s Final league points. Note the second score on show date 4 cannot be used, it is only one score per grade per show that can be counted.

If there are any queries on the linked tables please contact us by email only at leinsterdressage@gmail.com