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Leinster Dressage host Masterclass with Judy Reynolds

Published 10.11.2017

Leinster Region Dressage Committee are proud to present an evening Masterclass with Judy Reynolds on Friday 1st December starting at 7pm in JAG Equestrian Centre.

Judy Reynolds has been setting the dressage world alight for Irish Dressage. Together with her Jazz gelding Vancouver K (JP) they have shot up the FEI world rankings list to achieve an unbelievable best of 14th place in August of this year. Judy has represented Ireland at an Olympic Final, 2 World Cup Finals - finishing 4th at the 2017 edition in Omaha and holds every Irish Dressage record to speak of. Judy and JP have claimed Irish victories all over the world, Including the Central Park Horse Show and the CDI5* in Dortmund, Germany.

Judy will work with different horse and rider combinations from Young Horse to Grand Prix. The main objective will be to present horses that show the common training issues faced by riders every day. By watching Judy work through these issues, not only will you benefit from a fantastic educational opportunity, you will also gain insight into the training techniques of Ireland’s most successful International Dressage Rider.

The Masterclass is open to both members and non-members of Dressage Ireland and admission is €20 for Dressage Ireland Members and €25 for non members. Tickets must be purchased in advance via PayPal - payments made to - please clearly state your name and number of tickets and DI number to avail of members discount. Refreshments available on the evening. Seating is limited so it is advisable that you bring your own chair.

This will be the first ever Masterclass presented by Judy Reynolds so ensure you book early to secure a place!

All enquiries to

—Lisa O’ Brien

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