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Autumn/Winter Schedule 2018/2019

Date Venue Closing Date Map
Sunday 21st October 2018 National Horse Sport Arena Sunday 14th October 2018 Map

Entry Fees and Conditions

  • Entries must be prepaid online only
  • Membership and horse registration numbers must be submitted with the entry.
  • Horses must compete under their registered name on their passport.
  • No late entries - shows are very busy and late entries will not be accommodated.
  • No payment on the day for any entries.
  • The Committee reserve the right to hold a ballot on entries if the volume exceeds that manageable on the day, with preference being given to registered members.
  • Times will be published online two days before the show, ie Friday for a Sunday show, Thursday for a Saturday show.
  • Entry fees: Dressage Ireland Members 20 per test for all classes from Preliminary to Grand Prix. 20 per test for Junior and Senior Trailblazers.
  • Non-members: 25 for first entry per rider per show, including Junior and Senior Trailblazers. 20 for subsequent entries for the same rider at the same show.
  • Mini Trailblazers: 5 per test
  • Non-members of Dressage Ireland may compete at any show but will not be eligible for league points.
  • All non-members are required to complete a temporary membership form before competing. Please download, fill in the form and email it to leinsterdressage@gmail.com at the same time as making your entries.
  • Withdrawals: In the event of a competitor being unable to attend a show, including on the show day itself, they must email leinsterdressage@gmail.com and withdraw.
  • Declaration: All competitors must declare at the show office prior to riding and collect their bridle number.
  • Code of Conduct: All shows are run under Dressage Ireland rules. It is essential in the interests of safety that the directions of the stewards, the organisers and committee members are followed at all times. Competitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the sport.
  • Please contact leinsterdressage@gmail.com for any queries :)

National Horse Sport Arena
Sunday 21st October 2018


Class 1 Mini Trailblazers Introductory DI Test A (2016)
Class 2 Junior Trailblazers Preliminary BD 4 (2002)
Class 3 Senior Trailblazers Preliminary BD 4 (2002)
Class 4 Junior Trailblazers Novice BD 24 (2010/2016)
Class 5 Senior Trailblazers Novice BD 24 (2010/2016)
Class 6 Preliminary DI P18 (2012)
Class 7 Preliminary BD 15 (2008/2016)
Class 8 Novice DI N27 (2012)
Class 9 Novice BD 22 (2007)
Class 10 Elementary DI E51 (2013)
Class 11 Elementary BD 40 (2010)
Class 12 Medium DI M67 (2015)
Class 13 Medium BD 61 (2002)
Class 14 Advanced Medium BD 85/ FEI Junior Preliminary (2018)
Class 15 Advanced Medium BD 92/ FEI Junior Team (2018)
Class 16 Advanced BD 100 (2002)
Class 17 Prix St George FEI (2009/2018)
Class 18 Intermediate I FEI (2009/2018)
Class 19 Intermediaire II FEI (2009/2018)
Class 20 Grand Prix FEI (2009/2018)
Class 21 Para Equestrian Nominate on entry

Secretary: TBC

Entries Close: Sunday 14th October 2018 (online).

Withdrawals: Until midday on Tuesday 16th October 2018 at 12pm. After that time no refunds will be possible.

Times: Telephone on Friday 19th October 2018 or on this website.